Selenium configurator’s documentation

This library provide an helper api for selenium launchers. it prepares multiple selenium web drivers from a configuration file. This aims to help launchers to run 1 task over multiple browsers through various selenium web drivers (local, grid, cloud provider...).

intended persons

  • Developers writing a configuration file which want to read a configuration format reference
  • Contributors or developer that want to extend nor add new features
  • Developer using directly this library to reuse this configuration format and wants to launch selenium test by itself.

Quick overview

This is what looks like a selenium configuration file to prepare 5 webdrivers (2 local Firefox with different configs / 1 local Chrome / 1 chrome on selenium Grid / 1 firefox on selenium Grid):

    - class: selenium_configurator.drivers.local.Chrome
          cap1: Chrome_capability1
    - class: selenium_configurator.drivers.local.Firefox
    - class: selenium_configurator.drivers.local.Firefox
          cap1: Firefox_capability1
    - class: selenium_configurator.drivers.remote.Grid
        cap1: grid_capability1
        cap2: grid_capability2
          - browserName: chrome
            platform: LINUX
            cap2: chrome_grid_capability2
          - browserName: firefox
            platform: LINUX
            version: "3.4"
            cap1: firefox_grid_capability1
  cap1: global_capability1
  cap2: global_capability2
  cap3: global_capability3

Known projects using this library

  • nose-selenium-multi-browser: is a nose plugin that duplicate a testCase as many times as there are configured browsers then those tests can be launched in parallels.
  • selenium-odoo-qunit: This is a CI launcher to run Odoo Qunit tests on multiple browsers at once using selenium.